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Selecting floor plans for your new home is often a daunting and stressful experience. Through the first phase of our service, we support you through the experience with your architect or builder to ensure that the floor plan serves your lifestyle’s function requirements without risking the design integrity. Walls and rooms may be moved or re-imagined, a kitchen layout may be optimized, or a lighting plan may be adjusted all prior to submitting architectural drawings for permitting. During the second phase, cohesive color palettes, materials and finishes are selected, recorded and implemented during construction.

It all starts with an idea, but how does that idea come to fruition? When designing your renovation, we implement fresh and updated looks that improve functionality of your space, all while blending with the remainder of your home. By providing detailed construction drawings, material specifications and installation notes prior to demolition day, the transition to the construction phase is seamless.

Our consultation services cover both a full-service designed room packages and short term projects that happen in a single meeting that are billed on an hourly basis, such as paint consultations or prepping your home for re-sale.

It took nearly a decade in the design industry for the following epiphany; no matter the scale of a project, the process remains the same. This is what makes us different. Our strategic approach to every design ensures a thoughtfully beautiful, complete design.

Prior to engaging our design services, we recommend to shoot us an email. Feel us out. The design industry is convoluted on the best of days, so we are more than happy to answer your questions. We can also use this communication opportunity to establish a quote for the design fees required for your project. Once you have a better idea of what services you'll need, you can schedule a 30 minute telephone interview at no charge. This acts similarly to a first date, where you have the opportunity to assess our chemistry and confirm that we are the best fit for your project. We take this time to confirm your design fees and design schedule (when tasks will be completed). Please review our FAQ page for further information.


Once you decide to engage in our services, you will be provided with a design contract, fee schedule, and arrange your on-site meeting to begin our first Assessment phase.


Varying from 45 minutes to 3 hours, our first on-site meeting will establish our scope of work, and assess your lifestyle needs and aesthetic preferences. Measurements and catalogue existing furnishings where required.

  • On-site review with Client

  • Questionnaire

  • Site Measure & Cataloging

  • Scope of Work for Project

  • Inspiration images from client

  • Design Schedule

First payment processed.


Where the dream starts to become a reality. Through email submissions and concept meetings, you review your design with the opportunity to adjust your preferences and revisions are made where required.

  • 2D Concept plans

  • Technical Space Planning

  • Design & Showroom Meetings

  • Appliance & Fixture Selection

  • Furniture, Lighting & Decor Selection

Second payment processed.


With design concepts revised and approved, all final elements applicable to your project are provided, such as construction drawings, drawings for permit submission, and the full specifications booklet with complete design details.

  • Design Meetings

  • Construction Plans & Elevations

  • Lighting Plan

  • Detail & Millwork drawings

  • Final Specification Booklet


If required, we monitor your project progress to ensure compliance with your design plan during construction based projects. For room design projects, we assist with ordering furniture and scheduling delivery, installation and assembly where applicable.

  • On-site inspection during construction phase
  • Order furniture & accessories

  • Delivery & Installation

  • Deficiency review

  • Final walk-thru


Third payment processed.



Every project in the design industry is unique, so we'll create a custom quote for you outlining our design fees required to administer your needs. For further clarification, please read our FAQ page. Here's what we'll need to provide a design quote accurately and promptly.

  • Scope of Project

    • New Home Construction

    • Renovation

    • Interior Design (per room)

    • Consultation services

  • Timeline

    • Commencement of design services

    • New Home Construction - breaking ground

    • Renovation - planned demo day

    • Interior Design - planned social events

  • Budget
    • Renovation - budget for finished renovated area(s)

    • Interior Design (Room(s) required) - budget for furniture

  • Contact Information

    • Preferred method of contact


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