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Flat rate fee


Selecting floor plans for your new home is often a daunting and stressful experience. Through my Architectural Consulting process, I support you through the experience with your architect or builder to ensure that the floor plan serves your lifestyle’s function requirements without risking the design integrity. Walls and rooms may be moved or re-imagined, a kitchen layout may be optimized, or a lighting plan may be adjusted all prior to submitting architectural drawings for permitting. 


  • Advisement and revision on home plans provided by architect or builder

  • Space planning development

  • Multi-family residences

  • Custom millwork location and layouts

  • Municipal permitting


Flat rate fee


Once house plans are submitted for permitting, the selection process begins, and there are often over 200 specifications to choose in a single family home. With my Materials Specification service, I provide your construction team with a binder that becomes your builder's project manual that includes every material, source, and installation note applicable for your project. The result is a thoughtfully designed home where no detail is forgotten or unaccounted for.

  • Full materials specification packages

  • Installation notes

  • Construction drawings where required


Hourly Fee


If required, I monitor your project throughout its' progress to ensure compliance with your design plan during construction. My roll is to oversee key installation days such as flooring, tile, or cabinetry install days, and inspect progress on-site to ensure compliance with your design. These visits often catch minor issues before they become major issues. I would also be available to you when (Murphy's Law) materials need to be re-selected on the fly and drawings/plans need to be revised without unnecessarily holding up your construction team. Items get discontinued without notice, materials arrive damaged, and sometimes things just don't go accordingly to plan. Having someone on your side that is already well-versed in your design and budget to offer appropriate suggestions is often an invaluable asset.

Administrative Tasks often include:

  • On-site inspection during construction phase
  • Offer drawing revisions and re-select materials on the fly during construction
  • Rough-in verification for plumbing and electrical

  • Builder and contractor support throughout entire project

  • Deficiency review

  • Final walk-through

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